Total transformation starts from the inside out. With the Connection Mentor,

I recognize the need for change and the desire to live my highest potential.


Next Level Marketing

Advanced Social Media Content Course for ASEA Business.

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The Birthday Suit Project

Normalize your hormone levels, release built-up toxins & waste ~ giving you more energy, glowing skin, and to feed & fuel your body so you feel ridiculously amazing.

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The Mind & Body 10-day Detox

Embark on a transformative journey of wellness. Rejuvenating your spirit and revitalizing your physical well-being.

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Essence 12 month

Elevate your life on every level. It’s an opportunity to calibrate to a different level to bring your gifts to the world or simply live a richer life.

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1-1 Heart-Centered Mentoring

Join my transformative journey, where I guide you to elevate every aspect of your life, tap into your innate gifts, and create a joy-filled existence through mindfulness, authenticity, values, and accountability, all while receiving ongoing support and encouragement to design your dream life.

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