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I empower both men and women to nurture their souls and rejuvenate their youthful energy through our transformative approach.

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Experience real and enduring transformation with my exciting and effective methods that pave the way for lasting personal growth.

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Explore your natural rhythms, overcome obstacles, and embrace micro movements on the path to living a more authentic and fulfilling life.



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About Kathy

I help empower ambitious men & women to build rich, abundant, meaningful lives ~ look & feel fabulous, age confidently with ease & grace, welcoming change to enjoy a life they love.

I live by the leadership concepts I teach. I use a very simple approach, and I speak in blunt, plain language mixed with lighthearted humor. I ask that everyone view me with a love filter.

My techniques mix identity and performance mentoring based on their values, foundational principles, and subconscious mindset work to help transform my clients from who they THINK they are into who they REALLY are so they can make their mark on the world and take their potential to the next level. To find out more about my story and why I created The Connection Mentor, click the button below.

Enhancing Life

Health trends around the world revolve around five main categories that reflect this cellular breakdown:

  • Immune system
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Inflammatory Response
  • Digestive Function
  • Cardiovascular System

Now we have access to a simple way of replicating this healthy cell connection with the supplement called ASEA!


"Kathy is a great Health Coach and is very patient and has just the right words to say when you are down AND we laughed A LOT!!! Thank you Kathy, for getting me on the right track. I’ve never felt better and my skin has never looked better. When you look and feel good you gain more confidence and I thank Kathy for that!!"

Jennifer Maria Coomes

"I have known her for over 10 years now and she has been a blessing in my life! She is truly the most honest, dependable reliable friend! I have valued her knowledge with general health and nutrition as a very busy mom and athlete. I would definitely recommend Kathy to anyone who is interested in living a happier healthier lifestyle."

Susie Barberie

"Kathy kept me well informed on things I never had thought about, helping me understand exactly what I was reading when looking at food labels. By doing this I was able to make more conscious decisions, which led to label reading becoming 2nd nature while grocery shopping. I now have the mental capacity to make important lifestyle changes. I’m no stranger to health and nutrition. I understand what you should and should not eat, having the will power, and taking the initiative to make it lifestyle. I’ve always been small but now that I’ve turned 30, I have started to realize the importance of choosing wisely when letting something enter my body. Kathy was always accessible and willing to accommodate for me and my hectic schedule when needed."

Brittany Jackson

"I have been working with Kathy Howell for six years. She has always been there for me as a supportive mentor on my business and health journey. Kathy always makes time in her schedule to plan strategies with me as I move forward. Life often throws us curve balls. That has certainly been true for me. Kathy has always been around to help me get back on track. I’m glad to have Kathy as a mentor on this journey."

Amy Morrow

“You have a special gift. I’ve always had a heightened sense of people/things but here lately, it’s even more elevated. I get the most wonderful feeling from you. It’s so amazing. It’s really hard to put it into words when you meet like minds. I guess you could say, I don’t feel alone. And that’s a really nice feeling. You did some good today.”

Brian Tapp

"Working with Kathy has been life-changing for me. She is always there to offer words of encouragement and support, in my quest for self-improvement. She is a wonderful source for new ideas, and thinking out of the box. She will nudge me gently when I need it, and remind me there’s a better way if I start to get off-track. Kathy is very knowledgeable about nutrition and eating healthy. She has made a positive impact on my life especially in the area of personal growth. Her loving guidance encourages me to stay the course and to always keep reaching for my dreams. Kathy has an amazing spirit. Her positive outlook and approach has helped me flourish spiritually and emotionally. She truly has has a heart for others; she really cares!"

Sallie Tabb

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